September 24, 2018


about kriselle

Hey beautiful,

Thank you so much for stopping by.

My name is Kriselle and I am your average twenty-something year old girl just navigating through life which I am beyond excited to now begin to share with you guys, one post at a time.

I was born in the Philippines and then moved to the UK when I was 8 years old. I’ve lived in the UK ever since and as I’ve been getting older, I was only getting more and more curious about life and the world as a whole. I just wanted to explore, meet lots of people from various walks of life, eat a lot of good food (my fave part), while also learning life on a deeper level, learning about relationships, learning on how to build tenacity, learning how to be comfortable and happy in my own skin and how to practice the concept of what self-love truly means.

This space has been created out of love for travel, food, beauty and everything else in between, curated into useful and inspirational content, written especially for you. This space isn’t solely just for me as a creative outlet but more especially is a space for you to treat it as your very own source of good vibes, inspiration and positivity.

We only live once, right? So let’s make it a good one and enjoy the journey.

With love,

Kriselle x