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June 8, 2019

My Best Lip Ever With Sunnies Face Fluffmatte Lipsticks

sunnies face fluffmatte review

I have always been more of a lip balm / lip gloss kinda gal for as long as I can remember. They’re just easier to maintain throughout the day so they’ve always been my go-to, but then I met Sunnies Face. The game totally changed for me.

So one of the main reasons why I took lipsticks out of my daily lewks is I hate how they sometimes get cakey along my inner lip lines and I would need to literally take it all off, smooth out my dry areas where it got cakey and then re-apply everything again from scratch. I mean, I think the issue is actually just my dry ashy lips and the need for me to exfoliate my lips more but until then, the maintenance of keeping a good lippie on my lips all day was just too much effort for me.

That was the case until last summer, as I was scrolling through Instagram and saw that the hugely popular powerhouse brand in the Philippines that is ‘Sunnies Studios’ have launched yet another addition to their ever-growing portfolio of mega successful brands. Sunnies Studios, as a company, was founded in 2013 and started off as a, yep you’ve guessed it, a sunnies store. This has grown to be super popular in the Philippines, which is where I’m from originally. So I was super shookt to have found out that they were now tapping into the beauty industry. Lo and behold, Sunnies Face was born.

sunnies face fluffmatte

Sunnies Face

The Sunnies team obsessed over creating a brand that just gets us. A brand that has everything we love about makeup and I must say, I’m impressed with the entire range so far. The brand launched with just lipsticks only to begin with but boy oh boy did these babies, called ‘Fluffmatte lipsticks’ send shockwaves of heart eyed emojis across the industry, nationally and globally. To this day, they still only ship within the Philippines but are currently working on international shipping. Luckily, shortly after Sunnies Face launched, I was due to fly to the Philippines for my Mum’s birthday so I went for it and got my hands on three shades: major, nudist, girl crush.

Packaging & Pricing

So first off, packaging. Love how the packaging for these lippies are simple and minimal. The frosted lipstick case is actually limited edition packaging and the brand has mentioned before that they will be reverting back to the original casing which is a beige-nude colour, which I prefer. Now in terms of pricing, each lipstick is currently priced at P345 each (in Philippine Peso), which roughly converts to £5.22 (at the time of writing). For the amount of product you get a pop, that’s a pretty good price, but that’s just the icing on top in my opinion. The formula itself is everything.

sunnies fluffmatte packaging

The Formula

When you look at the actual bullet of product you get, it’s aesthetic is super matte to the point where it almost has that low key powdery / velvety look to it. You’d expect it to apply super matte too but by the power of whatever wizardry the Sunnies Face team did on these lipsticks, these lippies apply on as more creamy and buttery yet it still gives off that full on matte look?! Mind blown. I am freakin’ in love. They’re so pigmented and although they look matte, it genuinely feels like I’m just putting lip balm on my lips, it’s cray.

sunnies lippies


So in terms of the shade range, again – BEAUTIFUL. I feel like they curated such a beautiful selection of staple, classic colours that span some nudes, pinks, mauves and reds. You’re bound to find something that would look super snatched on your skin tone. They currently have the below colours in their range:

  1. Nudist – a warm almond nude
  2. Baked – terracotta peach
  3. Vacay – peachy papaya
  4. Milkshake – warm pink nude
  5. 143 – berry rose
  6. Girl Crush – terracotta rose
  7. Mood – taupe mauve
  8. Major – most perfect cool red
  9. Hot Sauce – tomato red

My collection so far only includes nudist, girl crush and major for now but I have my eyes set on vacay, mood and hot sauce to add to the collection too. Below is a quick swatch I did on the shades I do have, gorgeous right?

sunnies face shades

Lip Swatches

Here’s me actually wearing the lippies. Let me know what you guys think of these shades in the comments below. Like I mentioned earlier, the brand has definitely confirmed plans of expanding their shipping internationally, especially now that the brand has been spotted on huge names such as Christina Aguilera, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kate Bosworth to name a few, so watch this space if you don’t live in the Philippines.

sunnies face review

I absolutely love the Sunnies Face Fluffmattes and it has totally re-ignited my love for lipsticks all over again. They’re so easy to apply, the colours are absolutely gorgeous, the formula is hydrating and feels like I’m just wearing lip balm. I cannot wait to re-stock and get my hands on more colours. I actually did a YouTube review on these so have a look below as well if you wanted to see these lippies in action.

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sunnies face lippie

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