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March 29, 2017

Sleek Highlighter Palette Solstice Review

sleek highlighter packaging

Face highlighting has been a part of my everyday makeup routine for many years now, so I look as bright-eyed and wide awake as possible, especially during times when sleep is lacking quite a lot.

I have been wanting to try out a new everyday highlighter that did not involve me splurging out too much on high brands but without compromising quality. So after a bit of research, I came across Sleek’s Makeup Highlighter Palette Solstice, which retails for £9.99 (at the time of writing). Great price right?

sleek highlighter solstice palette

sleek makeup solstice highlighter palette


I love the colour gold on everything. I’ve got quite a warm skin tone so I appreciate earth tones on my skin, I think it suits me more. So as you can imagine, this palette already won brownie points from me when I saw how pretty its rose gold case looked and I was so excited to open it up and see what was inside.

sleek face highlighter

As you open it up, you’ll see that it has a mirror and a mini brush (brush not pictured, I must have taken it out and forgot, my bad). More plus points on the fact it has a mirror, so convenient. I tend to do the majority of my makeup on the train to work which is a really bad habit of mine. Sleep beats makeup for me on most days during the week so I have to pay the consequences and end up doing it on my way to work. Having this mirror is a major plus! One thing that could be improved however is if the mirror can be pushed back a little more so I have more flexibility on its angle. At the moment it stops when it’s at a 90 degree angle and I can’t push it back further. It’s quite minor for me though so it’s fine and far from a deal breaker once I start telling you all the other great reasons why I love this highlighter palette.


One of the things that have caught my attention about this palette are the four different shades within it. I’m usually more acquainted with highlighters that are one shade only but to have four different shades to use was something new to me so I wanted to try it out. Two are baked powders, one is a shimmer powder and one is a luxurious cream based formula.

sleek highlighter palette solstice

The four shades are as follows:

  1. Ecliptic – with its luxurious cream based formula, it glides nicely into the inner corners of my eyes and my brow bones. I love its light nude shade with a beige tone and it blends perfectly with the rest of my eye makeup which tends to be brown earthy tones for my everyday look.
  2. Hemisphere – my favourite shade, I am so obsessed with the pale pink tone of this highlighter as it then dusts on to my skin as a silvery yet rosy shimmer. It’s absolutely gorgeous and has quickly become my every day shade for my upper cheek area, blending up to my temples. It pairs perfectly with my rosy Estée Lauder Pure Colour Blush in Hot Sienna Satin which I wear everyday.
  3. Subsolar – another lovely highlighter shade that dusts on to my skin as a pale yellowy-gold tone that is also super flattering on my skin. I sometimes alternate this with Hemisphere, especially if I’m going for a more bronzed look and a little less on the rosy side of things.
  4. Equinox – this shade is a gorgeous peachy toned highlight that instantly brightens up your complexion and as its such a flattering shade, I’d imagine it would complement most skin tones. I use this shade to highlight the upper bridge of my nose and to subtly add shimmer the tip of my nose as well where light would hit it the most. In addition to that, I like using this shade just above my cupid’s bow.

Here’s a swatch on all four shades and I seriously love them all.

sleek highlighter solstice palette swatches


Application of this highlighter palette is pretty much very seamless and what I personally like about it is how subtle it applies on the skin. For me, I like my highlight to look as natural as possible so the shades from Sleek’s Makeup Highlighter Palette Solstice is perfect for me. But if you’re someone who likes to add a bit more pigmentation, the great thing about the shades are they are easily buildable. I use a Morphe soft fan brush for application in G23 as it glides on to my skin nicely and just gets the right amount of product in.


I’ve been using this palette for about a month now and this lasts on my face for a good 8 hours I’d say. I don’t retouch my makeup at work so whatever it’s like at 7:30am will be untouched until I’m home in the evening. From around 4/5pm though is when my face starts to get quite oily so my face in general doesn’t look as fresh then but with a dust of face powder, I’m as good as new.

Overall I am so pleased with this highlighter palette and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great highlight selection that won’t be too hard on your pockets. It’s gorgeous and super affordable, so get yours now.

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