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June 6, 2019

Brunching at Bunny Drop Café

bunny drop café

When I travel, I always ensure that I am constantly trying new food and that I’m constantly learning about the local cuisine of the place that I’m in. However, I do get the odd urges here and there to seek for home comforts, and during my trip to China (Shenyang), that’s exactly what my friend and I did. This is what led us to the Bunny Drop café.

Alice in Wonderland & The Rabbit Bunny

Bunny Drop’s inspiration behind its brand is about Alice in Wonderland and the wonderful Rabbit Bunny. The story began when one morning, the Bunny Drop family’s ground coffee aroma filled the forest which caught Bunny’s attention. Bunny went to find the coffee factory in the forest but bumped into Alice along the way. Together as budding friends, they went to explore the Bunny Drop cafe’s delicious secrets in the forest and their fun adventures started from there. What a cute little story right? The way the café is designed inside truly reflects the quirks of their brand vision and it’s just such a happy and chilled place to be in.

shenyang food

Chinese style boutique coffee

The cafe’s modern and quirky vibes attract a fairly young customer base who knows good food and are coffee-savvy. The Bunny Drop aims to become the leading brand of Chinese experience-style boutique coffee. There were quite a few young professionals there on their laptops, typing away while waiting for their orders to arrive. The cafe was very clean and had very chic decor, with a colour palette that resembles that of the rainforest such as browns and greens.

restaurant shenyang

Brunch at its finest

Now onto my favourite part, the food. Both my friend and I went for the English breakfast (sorry not sorry), which came in pretty big portions, and shared calamari with toasted bread sticks and sour cream and chive dip for starters. The food tasted as great as it looked, so it didn’t really take us that long to absolutely demolish it all within a few minutes.

english breakfast at bunny drop cafe

calamari in the bunny drop cafe

Oh, and of course, let’s not forget my bomb asf pandan drink which was so refreshing. I was one happy kid.

pandan drink at the bunny drop cafe

Would I go back to Bunny Drop if I had the chance? Of course. It’s not just a pretty café, the quality of the food and drinks they have on offer are of very high standards and the service was pretty good too. I also love how there’s plenty of choices to pick from. You can even order some quirky goodies such as red velvet lattes, flower cheese cakes and flower teas. Take a quick glance at your receipts too as they usually come with an inspirational quote to brighten up your day.

The Bunny Drop café has quite a  few branches dotted around China, so it’s definitely worth checking if there is one near your area.

Do you guys like to brunch too? Let me know in the comments below what your favourite brunch spots are.

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