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January 5, 2017

Igloo Dining In Coppa Club

coppa club

These eight giant igloos dotted along Coppa Club’s Thames side terrace are so ICE cool! I first saw these as I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and spotted yet another awesome post from Secret London. The post was of a picture of the igloos with the Tower Bridge in the background and I was thinking, well that’s a very unlikely combination! It literally made me do a double take but nope, I saw correctly – they were indeed igloos in London.

Igloo By Day

We got to our igloo at around 4pm and it was perfect timing as we were able to enjoy the views both during the day and in the evening when it was a lot darker and the city lights were twinkling all around us. Coppa Club is surrounded by two very famous landmarks in the city: The Shard and Tower Bridge. So while dining away in our igloo, we had very lovely views of both landmarks and of course, the Thames was also right next to us.

coppa club london

coppa club igloo

coppa club tower bridge london

The igloos are fully kitted out with indoor heating, along with a lovely rustic interior décor with sheepskin blankets, cushions and sofas – so cosy and warm! We could’ve easily stayed there all night long, it was like glamping out in a tent in the very heart of London, but in a heated igloo. Can’t get any quirkier than that ehy!?

What We Ate

Considering that Coppa Club – Tower Bridge is in such a prime location with amazing views, the price of the menu was not bad at all. I think in total I spent around £20 which is great for the amount of food and drinks we all had.

Kiln Smoked Salmon on Sourdough

Starter: Kiln Smoked Salmon on Sourdough

Crispy Fried Shrimp with Sriracha Mayonnaise and Paprika

Starter: Crispy Fried Shrimp with Sriracha Mayonnaise and Paprika

While we were waiting, we had a few nibbles on some of their delicious appetiser platters which we shared between us. For mains, we were craving for an all-day breakfast type of meal (yes, at 4pm because YOLO) so we went for The Works Skillet Breakfast. One of the guys wanted pizza so he went for the Coppa Club Hot dish.

all day breakfast at coppa club

coppa club restaurant london

Igloo At Night

I will say this over and over again – when it comes to exploring cities, I do prefer sightseeing under the moonlight  There’s just something a bit more mystical seeing all the streets lit up in the evening, it feels so romantic.

coppa club tower bridge

coppa club london igloo

coppa club reviews

How To Book

At the time that we wanted to book, Coppa Club weren’t taking reservations for the igloos as they were in such high demand that all of them were only accessible on a first come first serve basis, and so we went ahead and gone on a Sunday afternoon. Upon entry, the initial estimate waiting time was about 3 hours, which was roughly what we expected so we were mentally prepared for the lengthy wait. We went to the bar and had some drinks while catching up as we hadn’t seen each other in such a long time anyway so time just flew by. 

coppa club igloo booking

However, I have good news for you – you can now make bookings for the igloos via their website; you can make a booking here.  Just bear in mind that they are only taking bookings until 31st March 2017, so grab your igloo now and don’t miss out on a unique dining experience.

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