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February 16, 2017

When My Jasmine Tea Grew Into A Flower At Dim T

dim t

When you work so hard all week long, week in, week out, sometimes you just gotta treat yourself right? So my friend and I decided to do just that by checking out dim t in London Bridge, which is actually their flagship restaurant with stunning views of the beautiful Tower Bridge.

That evening, we were on our way to one of the best dream concerts ever. Being the R&B music lovers that we both are, we bought tickets right away when we found out that both Ashanti and Joe were doing a joint concert at the Hammersmith Apollo. Like, hello?! How amazing is that? It was definitely one unforgettable night and of course, for nights like that, you gotta complement it with good food because that’s just how we roll. We were very hyped to try out dim t as we are huge fans of Asian food. You just can’t go wrong, really.

kriselle at dim t

As for food highlights, we ordered teriyaki stir-fried noodles, char siu roast pork buns and a side of prawn & chive dim sum. Our favourite was definitely the pork buns. The actual bun itself was soft and once paired with the char siu filling, ahh the combination was delicious. Right on point and just what we were craving for. The dim sum was also very nice and I wish we got some more! However, I sadly wasn’t a total fan of the teriyaki stir fry noodles that I ordered. I love nearly everything that has teriyaki sauce involved in one way or another but for some reason, the noodles I got had quite a tangy, vinegary taste to it? It wasn’t bad but I guess my taste buds were just expecting something a little sweeter.

dim t london

dim t menu

Now on to the drinks – I absolutely loved their Chinese tea selection and check our their super cool names:

  • Gun powder – delicate green tea, crisp and sweet with a hint of smokiness
  • Tie guan yin oolong tea – super floral tea with a gentle sweetness that lingers
  • Jasmine green – classic sweet and delicate jasmine flavour
  • White peony – delicate and creamy with melon and cucumber undertones
  • Jasmine flower – soft with a teasing aroma of jasmine

dim t tea

Their flowering teas were so adorable and were definitely the highlight of my dim t experience that evening. I went for one of the jasmine flowering teas they had and it was way too pretty to drink. When I finally did get around to taking that first sip, it was heavenly. Floral heavenly goodness in a glass. I could sip on these all day and I’d be one happy girl.

dim t flowering tea

The view from the restaurant was just so stunning, right by Tower Bridge, I mean come on guys. It was even prettier once it got dark later in the evening, twinkly lights and all. An absolute prime location to wine and dine in right in the very heart of London. You can even take a lovely scenic stroll after your meal so dim t also makes a wonderful date spot for you city love birds.

dim t restaurant

Overall, we really enjoyed our time at dim-t. Food was okay, tea was UH-MAZING and the view was stunning. For scenic dining in central London as well, the price range was definitely on the lower range which is pretty good.

Have you guys tried flowering tea before? Let me know in the comments section, I’d love to hear what you think!

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