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December 16, 2017

Ping Pong Dim Sum In Covent Garden

ping pong london

Oriental cuisine will always have a special place in my heart…aaand my taste buds. Let’s be real once you’re born Asian you always Asian, am I right or am I right y’all? So I’ve recently tried this dim sum restaurant in London called Ping Pong and they actually have quite a few branches all around the city already.

The Restaurant

Now when it comes to dining with my family, they have one weakness and one weakness only – B U F F E T S. There’s just something about buffets that gives my family those food tingles inside because they know they’ll come out the other side feeling full AF and that they’ll get their money’s worth. But that’s obviously provided that the food is actually good. So ladies and gents, I am pleased to say that Ping Pong gets a big ‘ol green tick from all of us. So delicious and super filling. Mind you though, they don’t have their buffet on every day. They only do their buffets once a week on ‘Lazy Sumdays’.

ping pong restaurant

The Ping Pong branch in Covent Garden is actually very spacious. I have been to another branch before near Southbank but I found that one a bit too packed and wasn’t very comfortable to move around in. We did go on a Sunday though when I took these photos so maybe it was just naturally quiet at the time but I definitely think the space is here is better.

How does ‘Lazy Sumdays’ work?

So how does it work? Well, you’ll be sat down and they will give you a sheet of paper with the menuon it and a pencil. All you have to do is browse through the menu and just tick off what you want to order. There were four of when we last went and per order, I think we ticked off around 10 items on the menu and the food that we got back got demolished in less than 5 minutes! Delicious.

One pain point however is the freaking order sheet! It stresses me out. Basically if you go on a ‘Lazy Sumday’ which is buffet day, you can keep on ordering until you’re mega full. Now the sheets only have one row of tick boxes which means once you’ve done your first round of orders, you just have to improvise and make another column yourself on the sheet, over and over again each time you order. As you can imagine, it can easily get super messy and that’s exactly what happens. My advice would be to only limit it to around 3 orders on one sheet and then just ask for a new one and start again.

ping pong dim sum

Another thing is make sure you do not order from the parts of the menu where an extra cost is needed. We learnt the hard way before and ordered from the part of the menu that actually had an additional cost to it and by the end of the meal, we had a not-so-pleasant surprise waiting for us when the bill arrived. Easy mistake to make at times, especially when you’re hungry.

Finally, do not over-order. It’s so easy to do when the food is just so good. The last thing you want is when you can’t eat anymore from super fullness and then BAM! another round arrives at your table and you just end up surrendering. Just take it easy and control your orders especially when you get to the 3rd round and beyond.

The food

I would say that Ping Pong is the best dim sum place I’ve tried thus far here in London. The dim sum is fresh and the menu generally has a wide offering too! They have such a good selection of refreshing iced tea as well, perfect for resetting those taste buds from a haven of never-ending dim sum!

ping pong restaurant london

I love their long stem broccoli side dish sprinkled with sesame seeds and served with a sesame dip. I can literally eat about 5 plates full of this, it’s just so damn tasty. Mmm! Now this used to be a part of the Lazy Sumday menu but has now been taken out unfortunately and is now on the full price menu. Still worth it though, I highly recommend!

ping pong london menu

Their Vietnamese rice paper spring roll is another one of my favourites. They’re packed with so much flavour from an infusion of all its ingredients: prawn, glass noodles, carrot, water chestnut, black fungus coriander with fish sauce, lettuce and mint. Dip it in the sweet sauce that it comes with and mm! Yumm!

ping pong restaurant london

Their roast pork puff is made of honey roast pork encased in puff pastry, glazed with honey and topped with sesame seeds. My brother who blogs over at Kyle Nico, loves this stuff and can devour 2 orders of this in one go, all by himself.

ping pong london review

Their dumplings are on a next level and are simply out of this world. My favourite (although they’re all so good) is the black prawn dumpling which consists of king prawn and garlic butter in squid ink pastry.

Currently, they have about fourteen different types of dim sum to pick from and I love all of them. On top of that, they also serve baos and buns, rice, noodles, soups, salads and pong restaurant london review

So what do you think? Delicious huh? If you are in London and are craving for some dim sum then I would highly recommend Ping Pong, I mean come on, look at those dumplings.

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