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November 17, 2018

20 Reasons To Be Happy

how to be happy

The not-so-good days will be inevitable but that’s okay because it will always get better, just trust the process. In the usual hustle and bustle of life, it often feels way too easy to feel tired, pressured, anxious, stressed…the list can seriously go on and on but ya’ll know what I’m talking about. The struggle is very real, but it’s cool because we’re in this together.

We have to remember we’re only here for a certain period of time, so we have to make the most of it and I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to remember that. Only then will you fully realise the importance of being in the moment. Be kind to your heart and let your soul run free, which is exactly what my friends and I went and I did last weekend. We just wanted a little break from it all so we went on a little staycation to Mersea Island and as per usual, it was a blissful day filled with deep life talks, karaoke singing in the car and tonnes of laughter. Just what we needed. So I thought I’d put together a list of things that we can all refer to for days when we need some reminding of why there is ‘happy’ in every day, including today.

what is happiness

Now all it takes is just one reason to smile and that is more than enough to be an important reminder that you can be happy today and everyday.

  1. You’re alive and kickin’ (YASSS!)
  2. Everyone has purpose in their life, including you
  3. Whether or not you believe, God is always on your side
  4. Your family who will love you unconditionally
  5. Your friends who you’ll do life with no matter the season, they’re always there, near or far…wherever they are
  6. The people who are going to be in your future, waiting to have you in their lives (lucky them right?!)
  7. The people in your past who might need you back in their lives at some point, open your heart for them when the time comes
  8. The Sun is shining, photosynthesis is in full swing, oxygen’s being made which you’re breathing right now, which ultimately links to point no.1
  9. You’re bound to fall in love at some point
  10. You’ve been disappointed, hurt, heartbroken or sad before and you made it through
  11. Because of point no.10, you’re wiser, stronger and can be confident that you can make it through anything
  12. Someone will come into your life and who’s even more in love with you and will be with you forever
  13. You went for that one interview and didn’t get the job, only to find that another one was waiting right around the corner that was way better than what you could have imagined…yeah more times like that will be coming your way
  14. You have dreams and aspirations in life and ALL of them are absolutely possible
  15. You live on Earth, where there are so many beautiful places to see
  16. There are over 7 billion people on this planet, each with their own unique stories, many of which can potentially be intertwined with yours, go meet them
  17. There is only one of you in this world which means that there are things that only you in this whole entire universe can do that others cannot – this is your gift
  18. You’re always stronger and wiser than you think
  19. The best is yet to come
  20. Y O U  A R E  E N O U G H ♥️

how to make people happy

So you’ve read this far and you’re either about to start your day (if so, start strong fam!) or, you’ve just come back from a really long and tiring day? Well, it’s time to loosen up, shake it all off, open a bottle of red (or tequila if it’s been a reaaally long day), turn the music up and dance it out (bit of a Grey’s Anatomy reference there, holla to all the Grey’s fans outchea). Remember, you and I live in a world full of endless possibilities. Let today be the start of you living your best life doing what you love and continuously growing to be the healthier and happier version of yourself.

Let’s keep our ‘happy list’ growing, what other things in life make you feel truly happy?

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