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October 2, 2017

The House Of Wallpaper By Graham & Brown

graham and brown wallpaper

Anyone else a fan of Pinterest here? I can honestly keep scrolling through my Pinterest feed endlessly, especially when it comes to looking at interior design and dream home inspiration. This week, I had the pleasure of visiting the launch of The House of Wallpaper, presented by Graham & Brown and it was beautiful.

The Story

Graham & Brown is a story of wallpaper revolution. It all began back in 1946 with Harold Graham & Henry Brown helping people brighten up their homes since the hardships brought on by the war. The public was very quick to snap up the offerings of the business that the company could barely keep up with the demand. The business truly prospered and continues to do so up to this day. By 1984, one of Graham & Brown’s most successful brands, Superfresco, became the best selling wallpaper brand globally, sold in over 50 countries. The company has continued to grow from strength to strength since then with the goal of continuing to expand internationally.

graham and brown

The House of Wallpaper

The House of Wallpaper launched on 18th September so I went and checked it out on launch day. The launch was for the London Design Festival so we were taken on an immersive journey that showed the past, the present and the future of wallpaper design.

Just off Tottenham Court Road tube station, the Soho townhouse has been transformed into the lovely House of Wallpaper. We were greeted by the fabulous Donna, who took us through the journey of the company from traditional design, the making processes, the wallpaper archives and the innovation in design methods used today and beyond.

As one of the few British wallpaper manufacturers remaining, we are so excited to be able to host and create such a multi-layered creative space for people to take a journey that tells the story of design, craft and materiality for walls. This is a rare chance to have a close-up look at the level of craft, artistry and scale of processes that goes into the making of over 16 million rolls per year.

– Andrew Graham, MBE, CEO of Graham & Brown

graham and brown wall art

Design Trends

We were talked through the various trends whereby ‘Bliss’ quickly became one of my favourites. The ‘Bliss’ trend is a combination of nurture and nature, embracing the beauty of nurtured botanicals. I have been into succulents a lot recently and as soon as I felt the same vibe being given off from this trend, I knew I was hooked instantly. The botanical imagery is brought to life by a surge of colourful detailing. ‘Bliss‘ consists of several themes: Layered leaves, Pretty petals, Floral folk, Animal antics, Luscious leaves, Fantasy flowers and Succulent structures.

Layered leaves, Pretty petals and Succulent structures are my absolute favourite.

graham and brown wallpaper samples

A Walkthrough the Wallpaper Journey

The next couple of floors were absolute wallpaper heaven. We were shown how they mix colours to achieve certain print colours, all done by hand. There were also endless wallpaper swatches that were just so inspiring. I cannot wait for the day that I can finally have my own place and decorate the space the way I want. It’s all in the goals guys, all in the goals.

Below is a little photo diary I’ve put together on what we saw as we explored further into the story and origins of wallpaper design.

graham and brown pictures

The below glass panels are all intricately hand painted using carefully curated colours.

graham and brown paint

We met one of Graham & Brown’s in-house designers who was doing hand sketches of flowers. When we asked her what it was she loved incorporating in her designs the most – she said that floral designs are her favourite. I mean it makes total sense look at how gorgeous those flowers are? If only I could draw properly, I can imagine that floral sketches would totally be my thing too.

graham and brown sketches

As we got up to the 3rd floor we came across this super cool installation that was more or less a kaleidoscope cube gallery.

graham and brown cube gallery

We also really loved the interactive space that was created where we can change the wallpaper in the room at a touch of a button. It’s one thing looking at flat swatches of wallpaper when deciding what to get but actually seeing the wallpaper exactly how it would appear in real life is taking it to the next level. Imagine if this became a norm in interior design where you can see a holographic image of a room in your house and you can play around with various designs at the touch of a button. Mind. Blown. If this is already a thing then my bad for the lateness – how awesome would that be?!

The Doors Are Open

graham and brown stairs

The House of Wallpaper is not to be missed. We had so much fun exploring the ever so colourful realm of wallpaper design and I am so excited on what’s to come.

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