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February 1, 2018

26 Signs That You’re Falling In Love

signs you're falling in love

I love, love. I think falling in love is the best feeling in the world. It’s that moment of new and exciting beginnings when someone comes into your life who completely turns things around in ways you never would have dreamed of. Suddenly things are just so different, like – unicorn sparkles everywhere and ‘…don’t need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo..’ type of feelings felt.

  1. You can’t stop thinking about him
  2. And when he crosses your mind, you smile
  3. You feel happy all the time
  4. Very normal activities like going to supermarket to buy bread becomes an exciting activity, all because it’s with him
  5. Your surroundings become more colourful and vibrant
  6. You talk about him all the time to your friends and family
  7. You could talk to him for hours about absolutely anything
  8. The moment you stop talking or part ways after spending time together, you miss him like crazy
  9. When you’re going though a rough patch in life, it’s a bit more manageable knowing he’s around to be there for you
  10. He instantly lifts your mood up
  11. You both start to comfortably talk about the future together
  12. You start to really connect with his friends and family and he does the same with yours
  13. Seeing him can easily be the highlight of your week
  14. When you have good news to share, he’s the first one you want to tell
  15. When you’ve had a bad day, he’s the one you want to see first
  16. Although the butterflies are still there, you generally feel a lot more comfortable around him and all you want to do is be with him
  17. You feel comfortable to share your innermost dreams and aspirations in life and he does the same with you too
  18. You inspire each other
  19. You can act super silly and really enjoy each other’s company
  20. You feel safe and protected when you’re with him
  21. Various places you visit, music you hear or the food you eat suddenly reminds you of him if it’s something you’ve experienced together
  22. Occasions like Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s and New Years are extra special now that you’ll always have him to share those moments with
  23. You love re-reading his sweet, funny, silly text messages
  24. You just want to be there for him in any way you can
  25. He annoys you but that’s okay you love being with him either way
  26. You’re more open to trying new things

falling in love paris

Love is a beautiful thing and when something good comes your way, you’ll feel it and soon enough, you will know. Don’t ever be afraid to let yourself fall and follow your heart. It won’t always be perfect and it won’t be easy but everyone deserves to fall in love and to be loved. Take that chance, enjoy it and let the experience be something that enables you to grow and learn a little more about love each time. I know that sometimes, falling for someone can feel a little daunting especially if you’ve experienced heartbreak in the past but like I mentioned earlier, never let fear hold you back from loving again because guaranteed, your experience of love will be different each time. The last thing you want is to miss out on the chance to experience the love of a lifetime so if you’ve had a read through the list of signs from up above, then I’d hate to break it to ya sis but you are in luuuuurve.

Have you ever been in love? I’d love to hear your experiences on when you realised you were falling for someone and what it was really like

Shoot location: Paris
Featured image photography c/o: Paolopedia

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