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June 15, 2017

Suddenly I See

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I have to wear glasses at work every day, which means that choosing the right frames, the right style and the right fit is kind of a big deal for me so it’s important that all the boxes are ticked before I make a purchase.

I’ve never been a fan of frequently wearing specs on a day-to-day basis but the struggle got way too real in the office so I finally took the plunge and got an eye test done. Just as I suspected, yo girl needed to get hooked up with a new pair of eyeglasses! I knew it was going to be quite an adjustment but as it was a necessity, I had to prioritise sorting myself out with a new pair of glasses asap.

The Search

So one quiet afternoon in the weekend, I was browsing through some eyeglasses online when I came across the GlassesShop and found such a lovely range of glasses to pick from. You will truly be spoilt with a bunch of options to choose from, ranging from eyeglasses, sunglasses to reading glasses – they’ve got it all covered.

What really caught my eye was how stylish the frames were. The frames that I love looked super retro in style, while some had a very edgy cat-eyed shape to them. Another one of my favourites were the tortoise-shell framed glasses which looked so pretty.

Since I was shopping for prescription glasses which I would be using at work everyday, I wanted to go for a simple yet chic and sophisticated pair of glasses that would go with most of my workwear outfits. As I browsing around, I came across this cute pair that reminded me of Harry Potter vibes. I knew I wanted them straight away.

glasses shop review

The Glasses


Ordering my glasses online made me a bit skeptical on whether I’d get them fitting on my face right the first time around. I was anticipating a few tweaks following its first delivery but I was pleasantly surprised. The glasses fit me like a dream. It wasn’t too loose nor was it too tight so it fits really comfortably on my face which wins huge points from me already.


The Harry Potter vibe on these glasses are so cute, just the way I wanted them to look like. The only thing is that I wish the actual frames for the lenses were a bit bigger than they currently are.  They would’ve looked more on the retro side had they been slightly bigger but that’s okay. I think they still look really cute and would go with so many outfits at work, both casual and smart-casj.


Again, I am so impressed with how GlassesShop nailed my prescription requirements online. The lenses are a perfect to my current eye sight and it hasn’t taken long at all to get my eyes adjusted. I can definitely see clearly and have not been getting any headaches which is something that happens quite often to me because of my eye sight problems. Nothing to complain about these babies though as it’s been smooth sailing since I got them

glasses shop prescription glasses

I am so pleased with my new eyeglasses, they’re exactly what I need. If you’re also on the look out for a new pair of stylish yet practical pair of specs then I would definitely recommend GlassesShop. Shipment takes slightly longer for international orders that are outside of the US but I got mine within a couple of weeks so it didn’t take too long and it was worth the wait in the end anyway.

Since you’re all so lovely, GlassesShop has kindly given me a special voucher code GSHOT50 which you can all use on their website. This voucher code will give you 50% off all sunglasses and eyeglasses with free lenses (with the exception of frames on sale).

Thank you to Glasses Shop for collaborating with me on this post.
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