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April 3, 2018

Exploring Imerovigli In Santorini

exploring imerovigli

I honestly can’t get over how wonderful Santorini was to us. As a continuation of my travel diaries on this trip, I’m excited to show you guys what we got up to on our very first full day on the island, exploring the charming little village of Imerovigli.


Imerovigli is adjacent to Fira, which is actually the island’s capital. This beautiful village is famous for its gorgeous sunset views and is often referred to as the ‘balcony to the Aegean’.

imerovigli santorini

We went and explored around the side streets where there were lots of adorable little market stalls where you can buy souvenirs, hats, bags, dresses and all sorts of cool stuff. Absolutely loved the vibe, so relaxed and peaceful. After about an hour of strolling around, it was definitely time to CHOW. We found a gorgeous restaurant called Zafora, in Fira, sitting high up a clifftop where we had gorgeous views of both the water and the island. The exploring then continued and Santorini just kept on giving and giving. It truly is a beautiful island filled with stunning architecture rich in history.

imerovigli side streets

TRAVEL TIP: OK this tip won’t be applicable for many people, but it was very applicable to me and to those who are either allergic or scared of cats (I know, I have a phobia okay >.<). Basically, just be aware that there are lots of cats in Santorini. On the streets, by the beach, left, right and centre. For cat lovers out there however, it’s definitely cat paradise!

On our walk back to our hotel, we were accompanied by the beautiful evening skies, coupled with a 360 degree view of the island. Stunning right? What would have been a few minutes walk back to the resort probably took us at least an hour going back because we just wanted to take it real slow, to soak in the wonderful views. Now, when I said we walked slow, I mean we really walked REAL slow because by the time we had reached our hotel, the moon was already on full blast. It was so worth it though, I mean look at this guys:

imerovigli at night

It was the most perfect first day getting well acquainted with the island, which was great to get us warmed up for the amazing hike to Oia that we did the next day!

I’d love to hear your experiences exploring villages round the world, any favourites?

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