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March 28, 2018

Spring Escapade To Splendour Resort In Santorini

splendour resort santorini

As Spring came rolling in, my friends and I went and sprung out of London for a few days to explore the beautiful island of Santorini. We stayed in the gorgeous Splendour Resort located in Firostefani which is in the northern part of the island. It certainly felt like we were waking up to a picture-perfect postcard shot of the island every single morning. SO DREAMY.

This was the magnificently blue scenery that greeted us at the resort …GORGEOUS right?! It literally stopped us in our tracks, jaws dropped and heart eyes on lock. We actually got to Splendour Resort a couple of hours before we were able to check-in so we took the time to just stroll around and get acquainted with our new home for the next few days. The pools weren’t filled yet when we got there, but dang the view though y’all, the view!

TRAVEL TIP #1: Wear flat and comfortable footwear. One of the first things we noticed is that Santorini is made of A LOT of steps. A lot of steps / stairs all of which are on various inclines. So be prepared to walk up and down them wherever you go. Nice bit of leisurely leg day on vacay out there for you, cos’ why not aye?!

The Suite

There were four of us on this trip and decided to book two superior suites, both of which came with spectacular sea views and each with their own private pool. So between the four of us, we had two private pools to use to our heart’s content. The pools were super clean and oh so dreamy with amazing views and adorable white poolside huts which matched the white and blue theme of the entire island.

I only realised this after we got back from holiday that I actually didn’t end up taking any photos of our room for no apparent reason, other than the fact that we were in so much awe of our views outside that we really just focussed on that part of our suite. It was lovely inside though, all our bedroom furnishings were in soft neutral colours which gave off a simple yet elegant and relaxing vibe. Our windows open out into the pool area, facing the Aegean Sea. We also left our windows open whilst we were lounging outside as the sea breeze was incredibly refreshing, which is something we don’t really get in London, making us more determined to make the most of that fresh oxygen supply during our entire stay.

hotels in santorini

The Pool

The pools were a bit deep but bear in mind I am only 4’11 tall (or short) and I also can’t swim, lol perfect combo right? The water was up to my upper neck level on one end so it was all good, I still enjoyed it a lot. Is ‘upper neck level’ an okay way to describe pool depth? Struggling for aquatic words here, but I’m sure you guys know what I mean. Another thing to note is that the water wasn’t totally warm so we went and timed our pool session when the Sun was at its strongest. Without the Sun, the water gets way too cold, so just a little tip for you if you plan to swim around this time of the year as the pools are outdoor and aren’t heated in this particular resort. I’d imagine this wouldn’t be such an issue in the later Summer months. Oh and one more thing, each suite also comes with two poolside loungers, I mean what else could you possibly need for a perfect day of lounging right?

TRAVEL TIP #2: If lounging both by the pool and in the pool is an activity you definitely want in your itinerary during your vacation here, I would advise to visit the island in the Summer months, June – August time, when temperatures are a lot warmer. This is even more relevant for those of you who would like to go to the beach and actually swim. Better to go in the Summer than Spring time, unless you opt for a resort or a hotel that either has a heated outdoor pool or an indoor pool, then it’s all good in the hood.

splendour resort review

resorts in santorini

santorini accommodaton


What I really admire about Santorini is how well maintained their local architectural traditions are kept, not even just in this resort, but all throughout the island. You’ll see this within the resort itself combining authentic Santorini with discrete minimalistic luxury. The resort has six main buildings while the Cave House Style and the Medieval House are being turned into the restaurant area and the cigar room. Now I did not know this when we were there, but this resort has a private beach area, say whaaat!? Make sure you take some time to check this out as I’m sure it’s gorgeous out there too.

splendour resort

On our second day, we decided to wake up really early so we can catch the sunrise and let me tell you, the beautiful sunrise over the deep blue Aegean Sea was quite the vision. IT. WAS. STUNNING. I know waking up early in the morning is one of the last things you want to do on vacation, but guys, it’s so worth it.

sunrise in santorini

TRAVEL TIP #3: More likely than not, you will end up with accommodation in Santorini that will provide you with a great spot for watching the Sun’s whereabouts, especially in time for sunrise and / or sunset. It’ll either be on site or will be very close to a viewing point, so take some time to check out where these places are near where you’re staying and try to catch sunrise and sunset at least once during your trip. So worth the effort, trust me.

I took a quick snapshot of the sunrise on our first morning there but this will never be anywhere near as amazing as the real thing. It was definitely an ‘all-gadgets-away’ moment as it was something you just needed to experience with your eyes only.

places to stay in santorini

We caught this sunrise right outside our doorstep, which is one of the major reasons why we have seriously fallen in love with Splendour Resort. How often can you wake up to a view like this? After watching the sunrise, you can happily skip your way to a pretty lit buffet breakfast which never failed to charge us up with tonnes of energy for all the exploring we had planned for every day that we were out there. I can’t wait to tell you guys more about our Santorini adventures but first and foremost, I would like to thank Splendour Resort for a magical stay. I know my family wants to visit Santorini in the future and without a shadow of doubt, Splendour will be one of the strongest contenders to be considered for our choice of accommodation when we return.

Splendour Resort Rating: OKAY | L I K E | LOVE

  • Superior suites each came with their own beautiful private pool
  • Would’ve been perfect if the outdoor pools were heated for those visiting during Spring
  • Gorgeous views of the Aegean Sea
  • Perfect for watching sunrise
  • Great service
  • Room amenities were spot on with strong wifi
  • Delicious breakfast buffet

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