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February 1, 2018

A Weekend In Venice


Hello February. I thought what better way to kick start the month of hearts than to travel down memory lane to a lovely trip I took to Venice, Italy. A city like Venice is absolutely perfect for couples but also just as enjoyable for all you lovelies out there who, like myself, are generally in love with life and want to see as much of it as possible.

There is something about Italy that just keeps me coming back for more each time. I’m actually going back there again this year in June for my friend’s wedding. I absolutely love this country and I really do feel like it boasts some of the most romantic cities in the world.

things to do in venice

One of my favourite girls in the world ever, was coming back home to the UK after living it up working abroad in China for around 3 years. Her return coincided with me going through a phase of lots of travelling, I was quite literally going on one escapade after the other and it became my outlet as I was getting over a recent break-up. I was actually thinking to myself, damn girl your heart breaks expensively.

venice holidays

So anyway, my friend was also so up for the mini trip so we thought why not go on a little escapade and catch up in a place where we were well and truly far away from errthang? So we went on a quick search online and went for Venice. Now I know what you’re thinking, isn’t that meant to be one of the most romantic destinations in the world? Well yes, that is indeed correct but let’s just say we weren’t thinking straight at the time so YOLO. But nevertheless, we still enjoyed our time there and was exactly what we needed – a girly getaway. We actually went to visit Rome a few years prior to this trip and absolutely loved it so of course we were excited to return.

We jumped on a 2.5 hour flight from London and flew into Marco Polo airport. We then took a water bus from the airport to Venice and it was Alilaguna that we hopped on from. There were lots of ticket stalls at the airport so it was pretty straight forward to just go to one and tell them where you need to go. Now bear in mind, there are plenty of ways to get from Marco Polo airport to Venice and it really depends how quickly you want to get there. We had a lot of time and wanted to experience going on a water bus so we decided to go down that route. One round trip / return ticket cost us €27 each which I thought was pretty worth it, the journey was around an hour long and it was actually quite fun and relaxing. The boats were big enough for everyone to sit comfortably, even with luggage. Just make sure that you check which line you need that will take you nearest to where your hotel is located. For alternative routes, I found this guide to be very useful in helping you decide which option to go with.

transport in venice

And when we arrived, it was just beautiful wherever you looked…

bridge of sighs

what to do in venice

We really enjoyed walking around the alley ways too. We’ve not quite seen anything like Venice before where there are lots of little pretty bridges wherever you go because the city is literally surrounded by water. Now came a tricky decision-making part of day 1 where we had to make a call on whether to on the gondola during the day or during the night, both options have their pros and cons so it was a tough one. In the end we decided to go in the afternoon, just before the sun set so we got to see a bit of the canals in the day light and finish off the experience seeing Venice lit up at night.

One thing that took me by surprise (although it shouldn’t have, I just didn’t do enough background research prior to booking the trip) is that the gondolas were hella expensive y’all! We paid £80 for a 40 minute ride around the city, I mean that price can take you on a return flight from country A to B – within Europe at least. But then of course it makes sense, it’s one of the most iconic activities you could ever do in Venice and is a ‘must-do’ if you’re in the city. We didn’t book one in advance and just winged it when we were there as we also wanted to make sure the weather was nice enough and didn’t want to commit to a certain day and time.

Funnily enough I took more photos when it got darker, don’t really know why. I think we were too excited when we got on the gondola that we just wanted to enjoy it IRL first before taking snaps.

grand canal

kriselle in venice

Please excuse the vintage-esque quality of these photos guys, this was still during my iPhone 4 era so I’m choosing to embrace it anyway as these photos are just so full of memories that I want to be able to always look back at them.

So day 1 came to a beautiful end where we went for dinner and headed back to our hotel which was super cute by the way and so pink!

venice hotels

Our following nights and days in the city consisted of endless life chats, eating and exploring. It was such a blissful long weekend and was definitely well-needed.

things to do in venice italy

venice guide

must see in venice

So, funny story, just quickly rewinding back to the day we arrived in Marco Polo airport on our first day; my godmother who I have not seen in at least 8 to 10 years ended up going to Venice on that very same weekend. She lives out in California with her husband and we actually ended up bumping into each other at the airport. Of all places! It was such a pleasant surprise so we ended up meeting each other for dinner to catch up, it was so lovely.

dinner in venice

carbonara in venice

We talked, we ate, we laughed 10 years worth of life happenings we wanted catching up on. Such a great evening and it’s still so funny that out of all the places, we ended up bumping into each other at an airport…in Venice!

doors of venice

venice attractions

Venice was truly magical and we really enjoyed our time there. Maybe this February it might be your turn to experience the romantic beauty of this city, perhaps a good destination to consider for a Valentine’s getaway this year?

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