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October 10, 2018

The Suite Life At Disney Aulani Resort, Hawaii

aulani a disney resort & spa

There’s always something about Disney that just makes me feel like a kid all over again so when my family and I visited Disney Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa in Ko Olina Hawaii, the inner kid in each of us got to relax, enjoy and have whole lotta fun in the sun.

Place of Joy

I instantly fell in love with this place the moment I walked in and was greeted with refreshing ice cold fruity beverages and had lei made of sea shells put around me, much like a necklace which looked so pretty! The build and decor of the resort itself truly resonates with the beauty of the island’s history and culture. Ko Olina is located along the coast of Oahu and is surrounded with acres upon acres of serene beach water and amazing lagoons. “Ko Olina” actually means “Place of Joy” and I can definitely can see the connection here, this place is absolutely stunning and so peaceful.

disney aulani

aulani disney resort

Our Polynesian Bedroom Villa

We stayed in a 2-bedroom villa during our stay in Aulani and it was gorgeous! Our villa had such a unique island-inspired design all throughout, fully decked out with wooden interiors infused with a touch of Polynesian print on various furnishings. Our very spacious suite consisted of a living room, kitchen and dining area, two and a half bathrooms and a private balcony overlooking the pool area. The best part for me however was the rice cooker that the suite came with, uhm hello – rice lover over here! The Oriental Asian in me was so impressed and the resort overall was ticking all the right boxes for me. The rice cooker was definitely the icing on the cake, it was a pleasant surprise and I was totally fangirling over it, like I am now.

hawaii aulani a disney resort & spa

disney aulani oahu

aulani disney resort hawaii

disney aulani hawaii

Side Note: Let’s Just Take A Moment To Appreciate Some Musubi

Okay, now the room tour’s been completed, I just wanted to do a shout out to the musubis of this island. Oh how I love thee. The most common type is of course, the spam musubi which simply consists of spam on top of a block of rice wrapped in seaweed. However, the plethora of seafood in general on this island is just so heavenly and with this comes with a wide variety of musubis out there making my belly a very happy one. When we checked in, we knew we were going to be super hungry, so to get us started, we went on a musubi extravaganza in our hotel room (much love and mahalos to the nearby 7-Eleven down the road from us).


Fun in the Sun

We stayed out in the resort’s water park for a solid 5 hours before taking a break to have dinner. The time just flew by as we were so caught up in all the beaches, lagoons and pool areas which were all so beautiful and so relaxing. I’m not one for water slides but this resort had very nice ones that weren’t too scary for slide scaredy-cats like myself. The weather was perfect, the sun was shining brightly through the deep blue clear skies. We were ready to take on Aulani adventures like no other.

disney aulani vacation

disney aulani reviews

disney aulani hote

The rapids, by far, was my most favourite part of the pool area. Why? Because I got to comfortably and peacefully sit on my cosy little inflatable ring floater thing (whatever those things are called), exactly like the yellow inflatables pictured above to just relax and get my tan on. I could certainly get used to all that sunshine, all that vitamin D, all day errday – it was amazing! I was going round and round for about 2 hours in total while going up to the slides every now and then to cool down. The trail of the rapids is so pretty as well, I felt like I was happily sailing along through a river in the middle of a rainforest and a part of it is covered by a super cool cave too.

aulani disney resort and spa

aulani disney resort reviews

After lounging around in the pool area, we made a move on to the crystal clear lagoons. We parked ourselves at a couple of the beach cabanas and just admired the tropical haven that surrounded us, followed by a dip or three in the lagoon to get a chance to cool down after lounging under the sun for a while. And yes honey best believe, my golden tan was coming along oh so nicely!

Swimming in the Moonlight

I witnessed one of the prettiest sunsets ever here at Ko Olina. The entire resort is pretty much open until about 8pm so night swimming was definitely in the cards for us that day and my oh my, it was so worth it. We were practically in the water all day. The sunset was so worth the wait for sure. The skies were a beautiful purple colour as it slowly dimmed into the starry night skies. It was so magical. We were in the infinity pools facing Ko Olina beach as the purple skies lingered over us. If I was to paint a picture in my mind of what Hawaiian sunsets would look like, it’ll nearly always involve purple skies lined with a silhouette of palm trees – so dreamy.

aulani a disney resort & spa review

disney hotel aulani hawaii

images of aulani disney resort

aulani disney resort ko olina hawaii

aulani disney resort and spa oahu

Breakfast of the Champs

The next morning we woke up just in time for a nice and hearty buffet breakfast in Makahiki, the resort’s dining area, which boasts a beautiful lanai that overlooks a shimmering pond near the Waikolohe Valley pool area. The food was delicious and so filling, with a wide offering of delectable tastes from all over the world. To top it all off Disney style: Minnie, Mickey and Goofy came along and joined in on the breakfast fun; I felt like a kid all over again.

disney aulani breakfast

aulani disney hotel oahu

disney aulani hotel in hawaii

How beautiful is this place? Hawaii will honestly always be one of my favourite places in America to visit. I can see myself coming back here; my family and I really enjoyed ourselves. If you’re after some water fun, super cool Polynesian vibes, scenic skies with a sprinkling of the sparkly magic of Disney, this is definitely the perfect haven for you and your family to unwind, relax and make memories.

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